We are the Nature India Group (NIG) and Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation (RBRF) family; a Kolkata based registered society under WBSRA-1961, Government of West Bengal. We are based at Kolkata (Kaikhali-VIP Road) and extensively working on our RAN (Remote Area Network) throughout the state of West Bengal; henceforth, we are much focused on (1) Sundarbans (2) Jungle Mahal (3) Duars and (4) Darjeeling Trans Himalayan region.

Basically we are working on Environmental Resilience (Forest and Wildlife Conservation) and Rural Women Empowerment (Alternative Livelihood). The main objective apart, our add-on activities are Eco-Tourism Development, Organic Agriculture and Livestock Farming Development and Preservation and Propagation of Tribal Cultural Heritage.

The RBRF-Nature India Group is a rural in its essence, as the organization draws inspiration from the forest-side villages and derives solutions of their livelihood problems. Our vision has multifold dimensions yet is as simple as it can be. We are pledged to conserve the biodiversity by empowering rural women by skill development and generating sustainable livelihood among the under privileged community, especially for Sundarbans.

We are happy to mention that the RBRF is the first organization who is working on the welfare of the poor Fisher Women of Indian Sundarbans. Unfortunately, these poor Fisher Women have no alternative but to capture fish lings and crabs on the densely marshy rivulets to manage their daily needs. Hence, this is a most dangerous and life-threatening profession for them, as they have pick-up by tiger or crocodile almost in a regular course! We are working hard to provide them a site-specific alternative livelihood, so that they can get rid of such a profession!

  • Forest Research and Restoration
  • Wildlife Study and Conservation
  • Eco-Tourism Development
  • Wildlife and Portfolio Photography
  • Documentation and Filming
  • Tribal Cultural and Welfare
  • Rural Survey and Research
  • Rural Women Empowerment
  • Animal farming Training

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