The Rural Bengal Biospheric research Foundation (RBRF) conducts two separate courses; i.e. Wildlife Photography & Documentary Film Making. Both the courses are mentored by Mr. Samik Gupta, the south Asia Member of IUCN-CEC who is an internationally renowned Wildlife Photojournalist and Documentary Maker for the last 30 years!

Both the courses are absolutely restricted for selective trainees who are determined to build their career as a Wildlife Photographer/Documentary Maker or would have a great passion for wildlife. The Course significantly stands on four basic pillars:

  • Motivation and Temperament
  • Super technical professional Photography/Filming
  • Animal Taxonomy with Behavioral Pattern/Habits and Habitats
  • Threats, Endemism, Conservation and Scope of Work

We regret trainees without an appropriate mock-test for such terrific courses, which may not be compared with any other conventional photography course. It holds a breath-taking, spine-chilling career, passion and the spirit of life within. Virtually it’s a three months course, will be completed in six days only! The entire course will be conducted on field (no class-room module).

  • Eligibility: Graduate/Masters, 21-25 years, M/F, Language understandability-English & Bengali, Excellent Physical Fitness.
  • Prospect: International Media Job, Research Institute Job, NGO Job, Professional Wildlife Photographer/Filmmaker (Freelancer)

Wildlife Photography

4 - 6 Trainees

3 Months Course in 6 days !
  • 50 Hrs on field training
    and workshop
  • Field - Sundarbans
  • Cost INR 1,50,000/-
  • All Inclusive (K 2 K)

‎Documentary Film Making

1 - 3 Trainees

3 Months Course in 15 days !
  • 40 Hrs on field Shooting
    60 Hrs Studio Editing
  • Broadcasting with Name
  • Field - Sundarbans
  • Cost INR 3,75,000/-